Our Services


NelCom LTD. provides replacement and installation up to micro BGA component level. 
Our highly professional technicians and engineers have access to top-of-the-line technology and equipment which allows us to perform repairs with a very high success rate.



NelCom LTD. has a well-established Research & Development department with qualified and experienced engineers.
This department develops and maintains testing equipment and specialized tools for our laboratories and clients.
Thanks to this department, we can offer much more and provide a much higher level of service than any regular repair center.



NelCom LTD. has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of batteries used in cellular devices.
Our Research & Development department designed and developed specialized equipment to test and verify the protective circuitry inside a battery. 
We also have the capability to renew batteries to an acceptable level with a good rate of success.


NelCom LTD. has an experienced LCD department with a high level of experience in repairing Liquid Crystal Displays and touch screens for most cellular devices.
This department can treat the inner layers, perform circuit board repairs, replace LCD drivers and repair or replace LCD flex cables.


LCD repair