What we are all about...

NelCom LTD. is one of the largest electronics laboratories in Israel, founded in 1994 to provide the highest quality repair and engineering support in the field of mobile technology.  

we are one of the few companies in the world who have extensive experience and capabilities with the refurbishment of phone displays as well as phone batteries.

Throughout the course of 22 years, NelCom has repaired and refurbished over 3 million phones.

Our laboratory is officially authorized by Motorola and has recently been authorized by Sony.

Generally speaking, we have the potential to repair any phone model which comes into the Israeli market.

We are responsible not only for providing a repair service, but also with research and development of solutions to new and unknown issues. We have come up with several unique test tools, which we built from concepts to fully functional prototypes.

Testing, identifying, monitoring -  all in the field of mobile technology and repair service.

This is what we do best.